International Day of Peace at PAL&G

Daniel Tamm, Representative of Mayor Eric Garcetti presents Peace Award to Dr. Paul Kaye, President of PAL&G.

Daniel Tamm, Representative of Mayor Eric Garcetti presents Peace Award to Dr. Paul Kaye, President of PAL&G.

On Friday, September 21, 2018 we celebrated the United Nations International Day Of Peace at our Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens (PAL&G). Staff, residents, and visitors gathered around the labyrinth at noon holding hands as we held for one minute of silence with a focus on peace. This minute of silence was held across the planet by individuals and groups choosing to focus on peace. At PAL&G, we were proud to participate in this global moment of peace. And what better place to do it than around our own Peace Labyrinth?

We had invited Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, to join us in celebrating this occasion. He was out of town and sent a representative, Daniel Tamm, who presented us with a certificate from the mayor himself. I was taken by surprise by how touching Mayor Garcetti’s words were. It gave me goosebumps. The certificate was a colorful and beautifully designed piece of art. This is what it said:

(This) Certificate of Appreciation is hereby presented to Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens on the International Day of Peace, 2018, in appreciation for all that you do for the development of inner peace, and nurturing attitudes that promote the expansion and integration of peaceful principles.

On behalf of the people of Los Angeles, I say, “Let Peace Begin With Me.” Eric Garcetti, Mayor

Afterward, we treated visitors with a delicious meal, including ice cream for dessert, which David Funk had lovingly prepared with the cooking team of Ned and Elizabeth. This was followed by a beautiful concert in the marbled Prana foyer, performed by Merrill Collins on piano and her ensemble of professional musicians – cellist, Maksim Velichkin, flautist, Laura Halliday, and vocalist, Elizabeth Matson.

Before the concert, we were presented with another certificate. This time from the Mr. Herb Wesson, president of the LA City Council. Councilman Albert Lord came on Mr. Wesson’s behalf to present the award to us. Mr. Lord was touched by the concert and our facility. At the end of the program he left with a handful of books by PAL&G founder, John-Roger, and a special request to be included in our mailing list to let the City Council know of our upcoming events!

It was a beautiful and sacred day, coordinated with style by Sylvia Giussani and her dedicated and loving team of volunteers. We were all grateful to celebrate this day of peace. And it was a fulfillment of the vision that our administrator, Susan Valaskovic, has held that we would have an event that would include the community and local government.

Albert Lord, Representative of Los Angeles City Councilman, Herb Wesson, presents peace award to Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G), as received by Dr. Paul Kaye, President of PAL&G.

“We are Inter-dependent” - Interactive Peace Song

"We Are Inter-dependent," sung by Elizabeth Matson, with Merrill Collins, Maksim Velichkin, Laura Halliday - interactive with audience singing chorus in their language, from the Peace Concert.

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Article by Dr. Paul Kaye.
Videos and photos taken by Kim Guisinger.

New Year's Resolution "Spiritual Spa Morning" - Enjoy Pics!

We were "packed with peeps" - enjoy the pics!

Over 200 beautiful people gathered January 6 to start the new year deepening their commitments, intentions, and devotion. We enjoyed a workshop, sacred labyrinth walk - followed by a lavish buffet brunch - making the day like a "spiritual spa."

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Celebrating the U.N. International Day of Peace

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What Does Peace Mean To You?

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September 21 is the U.N. International Day of Peace. Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, together with the Institute for Individual and World Peace took part in celebrating and honoring this day with several events.

We started with a Peace Concert, listening to the exquisite, healing music of Merrill Collins, global peace song finalist. Her music swept us away with her beautiful, healing sounds. What a perfect way to help put our bodies, minds, emotions, and our spirit into peace.

We followed with an Acceptance and Peace Seminar. Many say the way to world peace is through individual peace. Using this principle, we came together to explore how to come to greater inner peace by simply accepting what is.

Lastly, we moved forward into celebration and action with a Peace Day Open House. 

We celebrated by sharing refreshments, music, taking fun "selfies," and with getting to know new people. We shared our love, togetherness, oneness, and our common purpose of wanting to create a better world internally and externally for ourselves, others, our planet.

We moved into action by placing our peace intentions and "blessings" at the Labyrinth, the Peace Pole, the Peace Tree. Many shared their photos on their social sites - spreading peace intentions into the world. 

At 12 noon we participated in the U.N. Global Minute of Peace/Moment of Silence. Paul Kaye, President of MSIA and Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, led these moments as we all circled around the labyrinth. He spoke a bit about what is peace and what we can do to create peace. 

Lastly, we took it inward again, to what many call our "Source" by attending Peace Sound Meditations led by Paul Kaye. Paul sounded chimes, singing bowls and meditative instruments, and played guided meditations by John-Roger. These meditations assist us to attune more deeply to where many believe it all begins, within. As someone said, "Peace begins with you."

Some ways to create peace

Paul Kaye mentioned some points for how to create peace. 

  • Peace is present. 
  • Peace is an inner process. 
  • Peace is the cessation of againstness.
  • Peace is a choice regardless of circumstances.


Listen to Paul's Global Minute of Peace Address



What does peace mean to you? 


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