Walking the labyrinth is a great way to experience peace and relaxation. It can be a meditative process for letting go of tension and opening your mind to new ways of thinking.

Labyrinths are archetypal, geometric designs used for walking, or tracing, as a tool to assist the consciousness. They have been in existence for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years and are used worldwide by many religions, cultures and institutions. Our outdoor stone labyrinth, made of travertine marble, has the same design as that at the Chartres Cathedral. 

The Docents will happily show you how to do your own labyrinth walk. Press


How Do I Walk A Labyrinth?

Trace A Paper Labyrinth

A Walking Meditation


The labyrinth can be used as a metaphor for how you live your life. What can you learn about yourself as you walk it?

It can be looked on as a symbolic "hero's journey," or a journey to a place of peace inside. The center can represent to your consciousness perhaps your heart, your Self, or your true beingness.