Lights, Sound, Soul!

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What is Soul Transcendence? How do you become aware of your Soul? Recognizing Soul moments is a valuable key says Dr. Pauli Sanderson, counselor and acclaimed co-author of When Are You Coming Home?

Posture perfect, Dr. Sanderson scans the crowd gathered in the mansion at the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G). Despite all her degrees, Dr. Sanderson looks approachable. (The twinkle in her eyes suggests a sense of humor.) “Soul moments,” she says, “are moments that come to us more or less bidden, when we feel something within us respond with recognition or joy or sudden and unexpected loving.”

So that serenading bird who perched outside my office on the Romeo and Juliet-ish balcony is a soul moment? Pretty sure the answer is yes! The songbird filled me with unexpected delight. Lightness filled my being as I watched it sing. Softly I poured praise on the petite one. Flattery, however, only got me so far. When I approached the little one, it flew away. But the joy stayed for hours.

According to Dr. Sanderson, it’s all right, too, to “Make up a wonderful, glorious soul moment you would like to have!”

Soul moments, as I understand it, are glimpses into our true nature. It’s a reminder that we are oh, so much more than our bodies, thoughts or emotions. “Every human being is a beloved child of God: A Soul on a human journey,” says Dr. Sanderson.

This planet is a place to learn that we are sparks of the Divine. Dr. Sanderson concedes, “Kinda tricky around here on Earth; So many choices (on) our journey towards positivity.”

A reassuring smile crosses her face. Dr. Sanderson references her lifelong friend and teacher, John-Roger. “J-R said, ‘If you would learn the secret of Soul Transcendence, look only for the good, for the Divine in people and things, and All the rest leave to God.’”

She encourages people to suspend disbelief and entertain the idea that, “All experiences are designed to bring us closer to God.”

Dr. Sanderson then invites us to take an inner journey. The lights are dimmed. Thunder – representative of the Earth realm– roars. Dr. Sanderson’s voice remains serene. She directs us to lift higher. Crystal lakes are evoked in my consciousness. Do I hear flutes? More music plays. During the guided meditation, she encourages us to, “Let that sound settle peacefully into you.”

I do. Enchanted, my eyes refuse to open, my hands rest on my legal pad. Dr. Sanderson tells us to return to the room. Time for cookies and tea…Life is back in session. Yet a stillness inside assures me a reply was given to the question, “What is Soul Transcendence?”

More answers may also arise on Tuesday, August 14th when popular teacher and soundscape artist Paul Kaye presents Introduction to Meditation & Sound: A Deeper Experience. Click here or visit for details.

In the meantime, I wish you millions of sparkly Soul moments.