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I did not realize how there is such a beautiful place like these gardens in the middle of such an urban area.I would definitely consider returning if I need to de-stress!

I felt as if all the troubles in the world were invisible for the time we spent there.

When I was walking [the labyrinth] I actually did not think of anything because it helped me relax and enjoy the moment. I had never quite experienced anything like that before.

I was relaxed after the experience. I loved it.

Focusing on the present, keeps you on the right path, and reminds me that I’m right where I need to be. This was a wonderful realization for me, that came while walking this labyrinth.

The gardens were so beautiful and inviting that after a few minutes of venting about problems, the serene atmosphere left us less heated and more calm. It is amazing how speechless nature can leave us.

Entering the mansion, I was immediately reminded of the Doheny Mansion when the faint aroma of old wooden furniture struck my nostrils. It’s definitely a nice smell that reminds me of old books. I was led outside and shown the gazebo which had beautiful vines growing on the wooden planks. On my left, there was the labyrinth which was not what I imagined. It was lovely nonetheless. Walking further down, I came upon a beautiful garden that was shaded by plenty of different trees and plants. The breeze was deliciously comfortable and I heard the distant trickle of water over rocks. What a magical place indeed.

Sometimes we need to take a break from the world. I loved how this labyrinth was in the center of Los Angeles, yet it was so peaceful.

I really liked the little red bridge that goes over the pond with koi fish and a turtle. I sat by the pond for about 30 minutes and the stress of school just seemed to melt away as I stared into the lake and watched the fish swim about and the turtle pop its head out of the water from time to time.