A Spiritual Oasis in the City

We are a spiritual center located in Los Angeles. We invite you to visit our labyrinth and meditation gardens or take a workshop or class.


Peace is always present. Come visit and experience the peace within you.


This sanctuary is free to enjoy with donations welcome.

We are here to help you connect, reflect, recharge and renew spiritually in your own way. 


Watch & Listen

Relax, Breathe, Let Go, and Attune To Your Soul


While you are here you can "unwind your mind" walking the labyrinth, reflect in the meditation garden, letting sounds of running water restore you, take a tour and learn about the beautiful historic villa, or try a workshop or class.


As you explore, we invite you to tap into the awareness of the peace that's always present.


Enjoy workshops and classes exploring personal growth and practical spirituality.


"In music, in a flower, in a leaf, in an act of kindness...I see what people call God in all things." Pablo Casals

"As you go through your day, keep dropping anything that is not the peace that you want. You can laugh, have fun and be joyful."
John-Roger, PAL&G Founder, DSS
(From: Loving Each Day For Peacemakers, Choosing Peace Every Day)