Celebrate World Peace Day with Us

Open House and Peace Concert
Friday, September 21

with Global World-Wide Minute of Silence/Meditation Observed at 12noon


Open House
11:30am - 3:30pm

  • Global Minute of Silence/Peace Meditation, 12noon

  • Peace Labyrinth Walks

  • Place peace blessings and prayers at Peace Pole and Peace Tree

  • Spread peace - take selfies at Peace Pole. Use Hashtags: #PeaceDay & #PeaceLabyrinth

  • Refreshments served

Peace Concert with Merrill Collins,

Merrill at the grand piano 076.jpeg
  • Treat yourself to the music of award-winning composer, Merrill Collins, former Composer in Residence, Pathways to Peace

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You can help contribute to peace by sharing peace pics on social using hashtags such as:

#PeaceDay #PeaceLabyrinth #WorldPeaceDay