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  • Tuesday Nights at Prana are Happyning! Come Assist and Share your Heart!
  • Docents Still Wanted at PAL&G - Do You Hear the Call?
  • The Sole of the Labyrinth - Blog by Kim Watkinson
 Selfie sticks given to our our visitors on #WorldHappinessDay

Selfie sticks given to our our visitors on #WorldHappinessDay

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Tuesday Nights at Prana Are Happyning! Come Assist and Share Your Heart

Prana continues to have record numbers of visitors to our labyrinth & gardens and featured events! These events are for new people and your presence as a minister is valuable. Bring your ministry by attending an event, or serve on one of the assisting teams!

Docents Wanted!


Do you hear the call?

Come serve the Traveler. Our need for docents continues. We particularly need docents on Wednesdays and Sundays at this time!

Meet and greet our labyrinth and garden visitors in this deeply inspiring ministry. Share your loving heart, meet new people, and let the Traveler's light and love flow through you. We will train you--it's easy!  

Contact: Carol Jones, 323-328-1924,

The Sole of the Labyrinth

Enjoy Kim Watkinson's creative blogs

At first, we may give because it is the “right” thing to do. Later, we give because giving feels good. Eventually, we give because, well, that’s just what we do. At that time, the giver and the gift become one.
— Beloved John-Roger