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  • We're in the New York Times!

  • Docents Wanted - A Beloved Ministry.

  • Celebrate U.N. International Day of Peace Open House & Concert with Merrill Collins.

  • Featured Events:
    -Sept 21, U.N. International Day of Peace

    -Sept 25, Introduction to Meditation and Sound | A Deeper Experience

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We're Featured in the New York Times Travel Section!


"Finding Yourself in Los Angeles"

The novelist Reif Larsen seeks out sites of reverence in and around this sprawling city, places of quiet contemplation far from the gridlock and glamour.

Read this wonderful article about peaceful spots in Los Angeles, written by a New Yorker. PAL&G is one of the first spots mentioned, though images of our beautiful Prana appears later in the article. 

Docents Wanted - A Beloved Ministry

Do you hear the Traveler's call?

You can do it! It's easy!

Since the New York Times article about Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, we are having scores of visitors. 

Now more than ever we are seeking loving Docents. It's easy - it's about sharing your heart - and showing people the labyrinth & gardens. It's not about architecture (though we share a little and we will train you!)

garden shot w bamboo.jpg

Celebrate U.N. International Day of Peace

 Last year's peace banner in front of Prana.

Last year's peace banner in front of Prana.

#PeaceDay #PeaceLabyrinth

September 21 is the United Nations International Day of Peace, celebrated world-wide by groups, celebrities, and ordinary individuals alike.

We are going all out at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, of course. Contribute to peace. Enjoy a Peace Concert with Merrill Collins and Sound Meditations with Paul Kaye. Place blessings at the labyrinth and peace pole and more.

Can't come in person

  • Participate in a Global worldwide Moment of Peace at 12noon local time. (We will be calling in the Light at the labyrinth.)

  • Share #PeaceDay & #PeaceLabyrinth hashtags on Social Media - this can contribute to peace more than you might know!

Featured Events

U.N. International Day of Peace Open House & Peace Concert

Friday, Sept 21

Open House Hours: 11:30am - 3:30pm
Peace Concert with Merrill Collins: 2:00pm

Introduction to Meditation and Sound | A Deeper Experience

Tuesday, Sept 25, 7:30pm

Have you been hearing about Paul Kaye's wonderful meditation and sound journeys? They go deep, indeed, and are wonderful for new folks and for MSIA students.


Tuesday Nights at Prana Are Happyning! Come Assist and Share Your Heart

Prana continues to have record numbers of visitors to our labyrinth & gardens and featured events! These events are for new people and your presence as a minister is valuable. Bring your ministry by attending an event, or serve on one of the assisting teams!

At first, we may give because it is the “right” thing to do. Later, we give because giving feels good. Eventually, we give because, well, that’s just what we do. At that time, the giver and the gift become one.
— Beloved John-Roger