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  • Docents and Receptionists were Honored at Prana.
  • Behind the Scenes at Prana - A Sweet Look at MSIA Staffer, George Scott.
  • Featured Events:

-- June 5 - Living a Spirit-Led Life
-- June 12 - Meditation and Sound
-- June 19 - Conversations on Death & Dying

  • Tuesday Nights at Prana are Happyning!

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Docents Honored at Prana's Annual Gathering

Beloved John Morton, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, and the MSIA Presidency honors our Beloved Docents and Reception Team!

Prana's Docents and Receptionists were honored at the annual Celebration and Thank You Gathering. The room was filled with over 25 volunteers and reception staff. How excited we were to have our Beloved John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, as well as the MSIA Presidency join us!

John, Leigh, and the MSIA Presidency certainly showed their appreciation - and their presence was a testament to what a beloved, inspiring, and key ministry this is!

Thank you, beloved volunteers of the Traveler's Team.

Behind the Scenes at Prana

 George Scott, Prana Cook and all around helper, showing the young folks how it's done!

George Scott, Prana Cook and all around helper, showing the young folks how it's done!

A Sweet Look at Beloved MSIA Staff, George Scott.

Featured Events

Living a Spirit-Led Life

Tuesday, June 5, 7:30pm. What does it mean to live a spirit-led life? Join us for an exploration of opening our hearts to spirit's direction in life. Facilitated by the faculty of the Transcendental Leadership program.

Introduction to Meditation and Sound, A Deeper Experience

Tuesday, June 12, 7:30pm. Have you been hearing about Paul Kaye's wonderful meditation and sound evenings? They go deep, indeed, and are wonderful for new folks and for MSIA students.

Conversations on Death and Dying

Tuesday, June 19, 7:30pm. Have you ever thought you could leave this world in a joyful state of mind? Or at peace with a little sense of adventure? Join us as we explore a lighter, higher perspective on that often dreaded day. Facilitated by Carol Jones and Anna Sugai.

Tuesday Nights at Prana Are Happyning! Come Assist and Share Your Heart

Prana continues to have record numbers of visitors to our labyrinth & gardens and featured events! These events are for new people and your presence as a minister is valuable. Bring your ministry by attending an event, or serve on one of the assisting teams!

At first, we may give because it is the “right” thing to do. Later, we give because giving feels good. Eventually, we give because, well, that’s just what we do. At that time, the giver and the gift become one.
— Beloved John-Roger